Human Resource Career Development

Career Development

The company established a fair and equitable personnel management system, provides a broad platform to employee to unleash their talent. While strengthening functional training, the company will utilize development idea to train employees, provide opportunities for their future career growth, so that all employees can be integrated into company’s culture. The company is emphasizing "Create talents first, then brand" spirit, combined with soothing atmosphere, allows employee to grow together with the company. The company put a lot of efforts in developing infrastructure and cross department services, to provide good environment and security to staff, so that each employee can concentrate and work hard for the company's growth.

Multi - stage training system

New staff training, skills training, management skills training and executive training, provided for different stages of staff to find their own direction.

Multi - training content

Product line knowledge training, sales process training, financial knowledge training, ERP skills training, to create an all-rounder.

Multi - mode training mode

Combined online and offline training, complemented Chinese training with English training, to allow learning atmosphere around.

Multi - location training opportunities

International communication opportunities, enhance cross-regional communication, enhance professional and technical capability.