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Salary and Welfare

Staffs to acquire better economic and spiritual return through hard work and wisdom is the principles and objectives of Chipone's compensation policy. Chipone is able to help employees get the best match between pay and return with fixed pay and performance bonus, short-term incentive and long-term incentive combination of three-dimensional salary system. The rich, colorful and friendly welfare of Chipone gave you a warm home in your work.


Base Salary

   According to the level of positions and industry to provide employees with competitive basic wages, and it will be adjusted annually according to industry level, company performance and staff performance.

Additional remuneration

      1. Performance bonus

      After the end of the year, performance bonuses will be provided according to the company's overall performance and employee performance. It is closely related to employee performance and contributions, reflecting the idea that company grow and share together with the employee

      2. Long-term incentives

      Provide key employee incentive program such as stock options, let employee and the company shares the company’s wealthy results together.