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Chipone acquires iML, a 1 + 1 > 2 effect to strengthen future development power and momentum

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   Today Chipone Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony celebrating the official completion on acquisition of USA IC design company, EXAR's power management design house, iML. Chipone and Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co., Ltd. jointly funded to establish the Beijing Yi Tang Chipone Technology Co., Ltd., signed an agreement with EXAR in June this year to acquire its subsidiary iML for USD150 billion. After domestic approval and filing, and also the approval procedures of United States CFIUS and Taiwan Investment Commission, the acquisition is completed today. The CEO of Chipone, Jinfang Zhang, VP of Beijing E-Town International Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Feng Liu, senior investment manager Shaokang Chen attended the ceremony. Management team of Chipone and representatives of IML also attended the ceremony.

   During the ceremony, CEO of Chipone Jinfang Zhang said, “I would like to thank Beijing E-Town’s great support in this acquisition. With their rich experience in international mergers and acquisitions to the transition is efficient and smooth. I would also say thank you to EXAR CEO Ryan A. Benton for the retention plan to iML staff, and as a future strategic partner to convey the development blueprint to every employee, which ensure everyone’s enthusiasm continue in the new company, also would like to say thank you to every investing companies and individual investors who particulate in the increase, your trust is the affirmation of all Chipone employees.

   Today, this first class IML design team is officially integrated into our family. The highly differentiated analog mixed-signal and power management product portfolio of iML will help us expand our opportunities to work with world-class customers. With the addition of iML, our competitive advantage in the field of panel power will be further enhanced. In the field of panel IC we will provide total solution including LCD Driver, PMU, TCON etc. In the short term we are committed to become a world-class total solution provider for panel display, and our long-term goal become a world-class supplier of analog devices.

Deputy General Manager of Beijing E-Town, Feng Liu, said in the opening speech, “The integration of Chipone and iML will help the new Chipone to achieve leapfrog development and move towards the international market, and ultimately becomes a world-class IC manufacturer. We believe that the acquisition has excellent development prospects. The Chipone after merger will be an excellent stage! We E-town is willing to act as steel and cements to lay a solid base for you! We wish the veteran and rookie in this Chipone platform energetic and have a bright future! "

   Chipone is the leading integrated solutions provider in the field of human-computer interaction in China, and is the only semiconductor company in China who can provide a complete solution for the panel display industry, in the areas of mobile display, mid / large panel display, large size LED display and LED lighting, Chipone established a full range of the overall product arrangement. The main product lines include full-size panel drivers (LCD / AMOLED Driver), touch sensor, fingerprint sensor, power management unit, signal conversion, timing control, LED display driver and LED lighting driver etc., with all these solutions create a highly integrated solution for smart watches, mobile phones, computers, monitors, televisions. As a technology-driven innovative enterprise, Chipone has strong innovative capability, and has repeatedly filled the gaps in domestic technology, introducing integrated touch sensing and display driver single-chip solution ITD (Integrated-touch-driver), as well as innovative products that support LTPS FHD small size LCD phone and flat panel driver. Through a steady stream of innovative technology accumulation, Chipone achieved a high market share in leading panel manufacturers in China (such as BOE, China Star, Tianma, etc.). For several years, Chipone achieves a compound annual growth rate of about 200%, creating a reputation for the industry, “Chipone speed.”

iML, as the world's leading solutions provider of power management, color calibration for flat panel displays and LED lighting, the main products are the programmable gamma correction buffer device / Vcom, power management device, LED lighting device etc. The customers cover the existing international and domestic main panel factories such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE, China Star etc. IML was the first F-share stock which have Taiwan as the first listed location in 2010, was sold to Exar in 2014, it is currently in good standing, its P-GAMMA products and VCOM products have the leading positions in the industry, related products market share is far ahead.

     After the completion of integration with iML, the solution portfolio of Chipone will be further enriched in the panel display areas, can provide a complete display and power management products solutions. which enable us for the future growth momentum, on the basis of core business in the traditional power supply applications, with human-computer interaction applications as the main driving force for growth, and will gradually advance in the vehicle / industrial / wearable applications, VR / AR class applications, smart home / smart city and other areas of the layout. Also with the synergy effect of iML’s channels, in addition to existing customers, will also target the world's top end product customers, including Apple, Tesla, etc., as well as domestic tier one brand customers, such as Huawei, and Xiaomi etc.

     This M & A is not only important for both Chipone and iML, also has a positive impact on China's IC industry. As we all know, in recent years’ domestic panel makers shows rapid increase in production capacity, however a strong contrast is that integrated circuits are still dependent on imports for a long time in domestic panel industry. Under this circumstances, the domestic panel display chip manufacturers are carrying the important task of import substitution, with great room for growth. We believe that future with the continuing merger and development of R&D and supply chain channels of Chipone and iML, it will reach an effect of 1+1 > 2, helping the rise of China's "silicon"!