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Chipone launched HD720 / HD800 small and medium size panel driver

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 Chipone recently launched the All-in-one small size LCD driver IC IC9906. The device also supports mobile HD720 and tablet HD800 resolutions, support 8-inch screen maximum. ICN9706 is the first LCD driver in China to have driver and TCON combined into one, while supporting both mobile phones and flat panels.

     According to IDC's forecast data, up to 2017 smart phone shipments in domestic market will exceed 460 million units, market size is around RMB740.5 billion. In the 4G era, consumers has high and higher expectations on the phone features. High-definition, ultra-thin, low power consumption has become important factors in what consumer is paying attention to. Mobile phone screen resolutions also evolved from the earliest QVGA, VGA, to 720P (HD). HD720 resolution has been the most popular configuration in the market.

All-in-one architecture, flexible application in mobile phone and tablet

Unlike large-size panel drivers, ICN9706 has all-in-one architecture to integrate source driver, gate drivers, and TCON into a single chip. It saves board area as well as reduces power consumption. At the design stage of ICN9706, the trend of future requirements in smart phones and tablets has been considered. It can flexibly support both smartphones and HD720 / HD800 tablets without the needs of building different system platform for mobile phone and tablet system separately, making the design easier and more flexible, and product will be faster time to market.

Low power consumption

As we all know, the requirement of mobile terminal equipment on power consumption is very strict. A lot of efforts has been put on ICN9706 to lower the power consumption. In the application of RGB pattern in mobile phones the power consumption is only 90 milliwatts, and in the full load the maximum is only 140 milliwatts.  

Support all kinds of panels in the market

Since ICN9706 is designed to support both mobile phones and tablets,   application on different panels has taken into account in the design stage to maximize its compatibility, as a result ICN9706 support all the current LCDs in the market, and facilitate the production at LCD module manufacturers.       

Core research chief researcher Wenjun Gu said, "The display industry in China has a huge market in the scale of tens of billions of dollars, and the LCD panel industry has much progress in the past two years and has the ability to control the whole industry chain autonomously. However one of the key components, driver, is still dominated by overseas companies, local companies in China still have great business opportunities, with well-prepared strategies and direction and there will always chance to surpass competitors and lead the market."

Chipone’s Senior Vice President Heng Zhang said, “This small size panel driver is built by the industry's international professionals, using mature wafer process technology, strict cost control design concepts, and stringent product validation. It is a highly competitive product. The device will go into mass production in September. Heng Zhang further said, "Mobile Internet + led the development of smartphone industry in China. Chipone has been positioning the products around flat panel display technology. In the future the company will continue the effort surrounding multiple display sizes such as television, computer, and mobile phone in next generation product development. Chipone will introduce small size driver ICs for FHD, 2K and others in the near future.

 Relevant information

The operating principles of driver with Timing controller:

Device Performance Summary: ICN9706

Single chip WXGA a-Si TFT LCD Controller / driver

MIPI high-speed interface

2402 source channels output

CGOUTL 1 ~ 22 and CGOUTR 1 ~ 22 GIP timing channel output

Support 1-dot / 2-dot / 4-dot / 8-dot / Zig-Zag / Column reverse driver

Support DC VCOM

Support CABC and CE

Channel output selectable: 800RGB x (480 + 4 x NL) and 720RGB x (480 + 4 x NL)

Support Full color mode 16.7M and 262K colors

Digital supply voltage: 1.65V to 3.3V

Analog supply voltage: 2.5V to 3.3V

COG package

Fully support LCD panels in the market